Equinar: Cooperative Training: "Make Friends With Your Horse"

  • 9/14/2019
  • Open: 8/17/2019
  • Close: 9/13/2019

Equinar Saturday September 14, 9-1
“Cooperative Training: “Making Friends With Your Horse”
Proceeds to benefit equestrian Nikki Witte’s cancer fight!

Is your horse really a bad loader, or are you telling him to be nervous about something? Is your horse ignoring you, or is he not hearing your part of the conversation? Do you have a horse that dances at the mounting block or while being groomed? If you have challenges like these, join us for a lively presentation and discussion to learn how evidence-based cooperative training techniques can work for you and your horse.

Cooperative training strengthens the bond between you and your horse by engaging the horse in a way that encourages his willing participation. You’ll get tips for understanding equine body language, what you’re communicating to your horse, and how to work together to achieve a positive experience.

This will be a highly interactive presentation and discussion so we encourage you to talk about challenges you may be having with your horse.

Please RSVP by signing up online.
Encore Students receive a $5 discount and may sign up at the barn.

Sign up at: https://www.eventclinics.com/a/edLZITqezkmMHiWgOCyRSQ

Where: Encore Stables
7359 Browns Bridge Rd
Fulton, Md 20759

Questions? Call or text 301-526-8273.

Organizer Notes

  • Athena Haresign
  • athena@horsejitney.com
  • 3015268273



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