Become the Centre of Your Horse's World with Lindsey Partridge


This 5 day clinic will close at 12 participants and will fill QUICKLY!!!!
If you cannot pay in full, and would like to make a deposit to hold your spot, please select the pay by check option and submit a $200 deposit.

Day 1: Let's Start from Scratch - Overview of the Harmony Training Continuum:
-The 2 best exercises from Respect & Safety
-The 3 exercises from Calm Connection to calm your horse
-Private session to get you joined up with your horse

Day 2: Become the Focus to Your Horse:

-My #1 secret that is the root to all of my success with horses
-Revealing missed opportunities for a better connection
-Understand how to match your horse’s energy and why this changes everything
-3 exercises to get connected

Day 3: Are you the Centre of Your Horse's Universe?

-The most common mistakes of body language & how to fix them
-Liberty basics Demystified
-Learn to glue your horse to you
-An entire day of liberty play
-The power of positive reinforcement and how not to create a cookie monster

Day 4: Create a Yes Horse

-Can you image a horse that always says yes?
-Setting your horse up to ride so you keep the calm connection
-Finding calm connection in the saddle

Day 5: Continued Progress

-Adding Refinement to your ground work – shoulder in, bending, and balance without side reins or stress
-The 3 S’s to continue progress
-Improving our balance & position in the saddle so our horse is free to be a partner

Schedule Details

-Each day is 8:30am - 4pm
-Breakfast and coffee is available at 8:00 am
-8:30am - 10am classroom, 12-1 Lunch, the rest of the day is group work with the horses, for some sessions we will divide into smaller groups and split the time
-Day 1 includes a private session of join up. This day will run later as necessary to ensure everyone joins up.
-Day 1-3 are ground work with no riding.

Heated/Cooled education room for classroom learning, however the indoor riding ring is not heated/cooled so dress for the temperature for when working with the horses. When it is your group's turn to watch, you can view from the viewing area.

Accommodation for you:
Hotels within 20 minutes.
You are also welcome to stay at the farm in your own trailer.

Includes accommodation for your horse:
12x12 Box stall with Dutch Door and window. We will provide grass hay and wood pellet bedding. If you want something different, you will need to bring it. We will feed your horse breakfast when our farm eats breakfast. You can feed your horse dinner, depending on clinic schedule. You are responsible for taking care of cleaning your stall and taking care of your horse, aside from breakfast.

Includes Breakfast, Lunch and snacks throughout the day.

  • Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue
    2699 Route 22
    Dover Plains, New York, United States of America 12522
  • 6/13/2018 - 6/17/2018
  • Entries open 12/2/2017
    Close 6/12/2018
  • Late entries allowed until 6/13/2018
  • Waitlist Offered
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  • Registration Options

    • Pay in Full at Time of Registration via Event Clinics
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Lakesha Simone

Proof of current negative coggins and proof of current rabies vaccine is mandatory. No horse will be allowed on property without this.

If you must cancel, a 20% Refund Fee will be charged for admin fees.

Please complete the waiver here and in the documents section:

  • Private Lesson$1,000.00

  • Refund fee$200.00


Administrative information

Change Policy: Changes are permitted up to 5 day(s) before registration closes.

Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted before registration closes.

Registration Method(s)

  • Pay in full via Event Clinics
  • Payment by Check