LandSafe Clinic-Aiken SC

  • 3/25/2019  −   3/26/2019
  • Open: 11/14/2018
  • Close: 3/20/2019
  • Waitlist Offered

Invest in your safety and join us for a Land Safe Clinic with Danny and Keli Warrington!


Space is limited- please register via Event Clinics to be sure that you are "in". You'll receive a confirmation email with Entry #.

This clinic will be held in a covered arena in Aiken, across the street from Paradise Farm. To see other upcoming Landsafe clinics, click here http://bit.ly/LANDSAFE

There are 2 groups in each clinic session. Participants will get 4 hours of instruction each day. The curriculum relies on one-on-one interaction as well as group learning. Riders receive ample time focusing on tumbling and on the simulator.

This session provides you with an opportunity to see for yourself the difference rider education can make to a fall scenario. The segment will feature the following activities:
Two hours of gymnastics skill building will start your day. Here you will learn the correct ways to shape, roll, position arms and wrists, balance, body awareness and the control needed to become competent in a dive roll.
The next two hours will be spent transferring these skills to the simulator.
We will revisit the basic gymnastics skills learned on day 1 and look for ways for you to develop stronger skills while working at home. The time spent is dependent on progress of skills, hoping to be 1 to 1.5 hours.
The second part of the day two session will be devoted to skills on the simulator, here we will also visit a variety of different types of fall scenarios.
This program is designed to teach the basic skills to improve your body awareness and self-preservation.
*We can vary the speed and height to suit each individual’s needs.
* Our goal is to build confidence and muscle memory.
We believe this is only the beginning of your journey to being a better and safer rider. As with all sports practice is paramount and continued education is key.

LandSafe clinic fee is $350/participant.

**If there is enough interest we will offer a session for riders ages 6-12. This will be a 2 day clinic for 2 hours each day. Gymnastics plus simulator. This is geared towards younger riders to help give them confidence to be dexterous with their reins and to go into brace position. This session is offered at a discounted rate!

Organizer Notes

  • Jess Halliday
  • JLHALLIDAY@comcast.net
  • 9788752036

First come, first serve basis. Applications must be in and complete (form and paid for) to be accepted. We will keep a wait list open. There are no refunds-you are welcome to sell you entry to another participant. Please contact us if you are doing so, we may have a waitlist of people you can contact!



Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Additional information will be emailed as clinic gets closer!
  • Change Policy: Changes are not permitted.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds.
  • Registration Method(s) Pay in full via Event Clinics Payment by Check