Beverly Polo | Team Polo Practices and Games

  • 5/1/2019  −   9/30/2019
  • Open: 4/1/2019
  • Close: 5/1/2019

Beverly Polo is now a USPA sanctioned polo club. We are pleased to announce the summer practice and league schedule for polo on Beverly’s newly expanded, irrigated Bermuda grass polo field.

Beverly Polo offers both individual and team practices. With our all-weather facilities and specially designed fast-drying Bermuda grass field, you can count on a full season of practices, games, lessons, and fun.

• All matches include polo manager and staff to assist teams and keep things moving.
• Player amenities include players tent with chairs and refreshments.
• Picnic tables and shade for spectators provide a low-key comfortable place to watch the matches with friends.
• Casual after match refreshments provided.

Select from the following premier opportunities to join us this season:

🔷Team Practices/ Leagues🔷

🔹Practice League (June-September): $2000 team/month. Practices Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, four to six chukkers per player. Practice leagues will be available on a select basis to a limited number of teams. Payment is required in advance of the month you plan to play.

🔹Buckeye 2-4 Goal Practice (June-Sept): $2500 per team/month.
Buckeye 2-4 Goal Practice is limited to 4 teams. Games are played Friday afternoon and/or Sunday morning each week. Guaranteed three games (four chukkers each). Prizes TBD.

🔹4-6 Goal Practice (July -Sept): $3500 per team/month.
Beverly 4-6 Goal Practice is limited to 3 teams. Games are played Friday afternoon and/or Sunday morning each week. Guaranteed two games (four chukkers each). Prizes TBD

🔹Salamander 8-10 Goal Practice (July-Sept): $4500 per team/month
Salamander 8-10 Goal League is limited to 3 teams paid in advance by the month. Games are played Friday afternoon and/or Sunday morning each week. Guaranteed two games (six chukkers each). Prizes TBD.


🔹Monthly team practices on every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (weather permitting), four to six chukkers per player. $1000 per player per month, $500 for juniors, $500 for professionals.
🔹Social Polo on Thursdays includes four chukkers on Beverly ponies at $500/player.
🔹Individual practices in June (space permitting) $200 per player per practice, four to six chukkers per player. Register via Event Clinics to select the specific Tuesday or Thursday that you wish to attend.

Please note that all options require payment in advance. Players with outstanding fees will not be able to participate

You can also register for polo lessons ($175) and VIP Tailgate passes ($300) through Event Clinics here: www.info.eventclinics.com/shop/beverly

For questions on memberships, boarding opportunities, and lessons, email info@beverlyequestrian.com.

Come play and relax at Beverly Polo!

Organizer Notes

  • Darrin Mollet
  • info@beverlyequestrian.com
  • 540-253-5021

All fees must be paid in advance of play.

Polo Lesson


8-10 Goal Practice [team rate/month]


4-6 Goal Practice [team rate/month]


2-4 Goal Practice [team rate/month]


VIP Tailgate Season Pass


Practice League [team rate/month]


Administrative Information

  • Trailer Direction: The entrance to the farm is from Zulla Road, at approximately 3515 Zulla Road. After turning onto Beverly Lane, follow the drive to the right through the stone pillars. After passing through the stone pillars, turn right to go through the double gate to trailer parking in the paddock. Passenger vehicles may also park in this field along the fenceline. There is no parking on the field unless the guest has a season VIP pass (available for purchase). Please note that there is no entrance from Milestone.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds.
  • Registration Method(s) Pay in full via Event Clinics