Waredaca Summer Schooling Evenings 2019

  • 7/11/2019
  • Open: 4/19/2019
  • Close: 7/8/2019

Join us this summer at Waredaca for a Thursday Schooling activity! The emphasis of our Schooling Evenings will be on a relaxed competition. YOU design your evening — do as much as you want…it is as easy as that!


🗓️2019 Schooling Evening Dates: Thursdays June 6 & 27, July 11 & 25 and August 8, 22 🗓️
Each date features Dressage Fix a Test, Ride a Test( both require advance sign up via Event Clinics), Jumping Schooling Rounds and the opportunity to school Cross Country Schooling over Waredaca's amazing jumps at a reduced rate that same evening.

FORMAT: Create your evening and choose from the following options:
✅Dressage FIX A TEST USEF or USDF Test(s): $35 each
✅Dressage RIDE A TEST USEF or USDF Test(s): $25 each
✅Jumping Rounds (2 minimum at same height) Flat Fee $30
o Additional Jumping Rounds/height $10
✅Cross Country Schooling: $50, Reduced to $40 if also Participating in SJ
XC Schooling on June 6 and August 22 fees: $60/horse or $45 reduced rate
XC Schooling on June 27, July 11& 25: $50/horse; $40 if show jumping;
Note: There is no XC schooling offered Aug 8

Dressage: **Please specify which test you want to ride in the EC Note To Organizer. **
XC Schooling: Register via Event Clinics or Sign Up with the Secretary when you arrive.

✅ Casual boots, breeches, polo or other conservative shirt, and protective headgear with harness are required.
✅ XC Required--vests, medical armband or bracelet and grounds person to accompany you if XC schooling afterward.
✅EMT, VET and Farrier ON CALL
✅ All horses must have a current negative Coggins & signed Waredaca release included with registration form

To see all Waredaca 2019 activities on Event Clinics, click here: http://bit.ly/Waredaca

Organizer Notes

  • Steph Butts Kohr
  • schoolingshows@waredaca.com
  • 301-570-4191

📫 Use Event Clinics online entry form and attach required docs to ensure optimal ride times. You can upload cell phone pics of Coggins/Release to your EC entry or use ECFastEntry to autoattach. Alternatively, you can email docs to schoolingshows@waredaca.com
🔹 Dressage FIX A TEST and RIDE A TEST requires advanced sign up —register before 12 NOON on the Monday before the Schooling Evening to reserve your time
🔹 Parking in the corner parking field, Check-in at Indoor Arena Show Office.
Your dressage test is available that evening after you complete the test and/or talk with the judge.
🔹 Dress is the same for all phases—boots or boots/half chaps, breeches and a shirt with sleeves.
Vests and medical info are required if cross country schooling.
🔹 No Ribbons will be awarded —this is strictly a schooling opportunity for you and your horse!
🔹 🐕Dogs welcome, but must be leashed at all times.
🔹 Bring your own water. No food available for purchase, but a soda machine is present.
🔹 EMT, Vet and Farrier ON CALL.
🔹 Bridle Numbers will be given out for JUMPING ONLY

Evening Dressage


  • Extra Dressage Test $25.00

SJ Rounds


  • Additional SJ Rounds $10.00
  • XC Schooling Add-On $40.00



  • Extra Dressage Test $35.00

XC Option


  • Change fee$25.00


Evening Dressage Tests
Rider Choice
First Level Test 1/2/3
Fourth Level Test 1/2/3
Second Level Test 1/2/3
Third Level Test 1/2/3
Training Level Test 1/2/3
USDF Intro Tests A/ B/ C
USEF Prelim 3-D Test
USEF Adv Test A/B
USEF BN Tests A/ B
USEF Interm Test A/B
USEF 2018 Novice 3-Day Test
USEF Novice Test A/ B
USEF Preliminary Test A/ B
USEF Training 3-D Test
USEF Training Test A /B
SJ Rounds Levels
Fix-A-Test Tests
2019 USDF Intro Test A
2019 USDF Intro Test B
2019 USDF Intro Test C
USEF 2018 BN Test A
USEF 2018 BN Test B
USEF 2018 Novice Test A
USEF 2018 Novice Test B
USEF 2018 Training Test A
USEF 2018 Training Test B
USEF 2018 Training 3-Day Test
USEF 2018 Prelim Test A
USEF 2018 Prelim Test B
USEF 2014 Prelim 3-D Test
USEF 2018 Interm Test A
USEF 2018 Interm Test B
USEF 2018 Adv Test A
USEF 2018 Adv Test B
2019 USEF Training Level Test 1
2019 USEF Training Level Test 2
2019 USEF Training Level Test 3
2019 USEF First Level Test 1
2019 USEF First Level Test 2
2019 USEF First Level Test 3
2019 USEF Second Level Test 1
2019 USEF Second Level Test 2
2015 USEF Second Level Test 3
2019 USEF Third Level Test 1
2019 USEF Third Level Test 2
2019 USEF Third Level Test 3
2019 USEF Fourth Level Test 1
2019 USEF Fourth Level Test 2
2019 USEF Fourth Level Test 3
Rider Choice/Other
USEF 2018 Modified Test A
USEF 2018 Modified Test B

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: Ride times will posted on Waredaca website. Plan for about 30 minutes start-finish of all three phases.
    Start Time for Dressage will be posted on the Waredaca website by 12 NOON Wednesday before the show
    🕒Dressage expected to start between 3 and 4pm.
    🕟Jumping starts @ 4:30PM
    Jumping Schedule Height | Approximate Time (may be adjusted depending on entries)
    2’0 or lower @ 4:30 PM
    2’3 @ 5:00 PM
    2’7 @ 6:00 PM
    3’0 @ 6:30 PM
    3’3 @ 7:10 PM
    3’6+ @ 7:40 PM
  • Trailer Direction: • Parking in the corner parking field. • Check-in at Indoor Arena Show Office.
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted up to 7 day(s) before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are permitted up to 7 day(s) before activity begins.
  • Registration Method(s) Pay in full via Event Clinics