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Equestrian Athlete Training Camp

  • 7/9/2019  −   7/12/2019
  • Open: 11/27/2018
  • Close: 6/28/2019

Four days of equestrian mental coaching seminars, strength & conditioning workshops and workouts,
athlete nutrition courses, team-building workshops, yoga and more.

Riders of all levels and disciplines are welcome.


- Three nights accommodations in the Athlete Dorms
- All meals a day in the Athlete Dinning hall
- Over 34 hours of special events and the following workshops:

EQUESTRIAN MENTAL COACHING: Build confidence, courage, concentration & camaraderie
RIDER STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: Cross fit exercises and more to build strength, stamina & suppleness
TEAM-BUILDING WORKSHOPS: Lean how confidence and camaraderie can contribute to success
ATHLETE NUTRITION: Learn leading-edge ways to fuel your body for success
YOGA & INJURY CARE: Learn how to treat - and more importantly - prevent injuries

Please note that these camps are unmounted – not only to minimize the cost of travel to the center – but to maximize the amount of time you can focus on your own development as an athlete

Organizer Notes

  • Daniel Stewart
  • rideright1@gmail.com
  • 8054480133

Daniel Stewart has been an equestrian for over thirty-five years and has coached riders all over the world for the past twenty-five. Combining his knowledge as an equestrian with a degree in physical education, he created an empowering and inspiring clinic series that helps riders develop equally strong minds and bodies. As the internationally acclaimed author of Pressure Proof Your Riding, Ride Right, and Fit and Focused in 52; he’s widely considered one of the worlds leading experts on equestrian sport psychology, athletics, and performance. He teaches clinics and seminars to thousands of riders each year including an annual summer clinic-tour that includes 50 clinics in more than 30 cities over a span of 60 days. He’s a sough-after keynote speaker, has published countless magazine articles, and is an equestrian sport psychology and rider fitness contributor for many other equestrian associations.

When not teaching jumping, cross-country, and dressage clinics; he runs four-day Equestrian Athlete Training Camps a colleges, boarding schools, and athlete training centers around the country. He also produces weekly mental coaching, rider fitness, and instructor videos for riders of all levels, ages, and disciplines.



  • Member/Boarder Price: $995.00

Administrative Information

  • Ride Time: The schedule for our four-day camps is:
    1st day - 4:00P - 9:00P
    2nd day - 6:30A - 9:00P
    3d day - 6:30A - 9:00P
    4th day - 6:30A - 3:00P
  • Trailer Direction: This is a non-mounted camp
  • Change Policy: Changes are permitted up to 7 day(s) before registration closes.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds.
  • Registration Method(s) Pay in full via Event Clinics Payment by Check